Monday, 29 October 2012

South Africa 2013: What lies ahead for the Super Eagles?

Group C of next year’s Nations Cup in South Africa comprises Zambia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. Ordinarily, this should be a stroll in the park for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. But going by the way the team played during the qualifying games, it will not be an easy task, though I believe we have enough with which to scale through. We should not be flattered by the 6 - 1 thrashing of Liberia; it doesn't tell the true story of the strength of the current Super Eagles.
The victory will actually be considered a fluke if Keshi fails to get his wards to step up their performance at the competition proper.

Getting out of the blocks in the first round should not be a difficult task. Going all the way to win the trophy will be the real test in a competition devoid of favourites like Cameroun, Egypt and Senegal; and I do not have confidence in Keshi pulling this off.
My reason is simple. Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, South Africa, Morocco, Angola et al, are classes ahead of Rwanda, Malawi and Liberia, especially in competition situation. Having struggled against the minnows, it remains to be seen whether Keshi can conjure up the mental and material arsenal to surmount the stronger African teams.

One way to verify this is by utilizing the remaining FIFA free days to play notable absentees like Guinea, Cameroun and Senegal; the aim not being to get a result, but to assess the team’s overall abilities.

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