Saturday, 5 January 2013

...of Osaze's tweets

For all the noise about Osaze Odmewingie's recent tweets following his exclusion from the South Africa-bound Super Eagles team, I believe that just as Coach Keshi has the right to invite whoever he wants to invite, Osaze has the right to say his mind.

Osaze’s bitterness can only be attributed to an undying passion for representing his country. His tweets therefore highlight that:
  • Osaze is embittered by the perceived ill-treatment meted out to him – and perhaps other players. He is considered rebellious because he is probably the only one how has the guts to speak out. If not for the fear of being dropped, I am sure many other players would have been speaking out.
  • Our coaches are deficient in man-management skills. Siasia would probably have qualified for the last Nations Cup and retained his job if he had managed some players’ egos better during his time. Osaze would probably not have gone to this extent if Keshi had informed him before hand about his impending exclusion during their phone conversation – except of course, Osaze’s exclusion is not Keshi’s decision…
  • The existence of high-level of corruption and ineptitude in the country's football administration.

I would have thought that those “affected” by Osaze’s comments would have been more concerned with refuting the claims made therein; but I'm surprised that all the responses have been about Osaze being “arrogant”, “insolent”, “silly” and "not being a Messi or Ronaldo”.

Whether or not twitter was the right platform for propagation, Osaze only sought to tell his story to the whole world and due to the pain he felt, he had the right and liberty to choose whatever platform suited him, irrespective of whose ox is gored.

Osaze may have raised some dust in the National team at a crucial time, but I think we should look beyond the dust, at the issues he raised as well.

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