Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Keshi’s reinstatement: For past or future glory?

President G. E. Jonathan is alleged to be the brain behind Coach Keshi's reinstatement as National team coach
I remember some years ago President Goodluck Jonathan was ready to let our football go on a two-year hiatus in the hope that those running it could get their heads and acts straight. After much persuasion and public outcry, he reversed this decision. Over the years following, he has been very supportive of football and sports in general.
In furtherance of this, the President successfully calmed the storm that was threatening Nigerian football by settling the madness that is called the NFF leadership. But he may have just, in his subsequent action, rekindled or even instigated another managerial tussle.

Only a few weeks ago, the NFF led by Amaju Pinnick put an end to Keshi’s regime as Super Eagles’ Coach.However, very recently in a move that clearly undermines the authority of the NFF,the President is alleged to have recently “ordered” the reinstatement of Stephen Keshi as Coach. It is unclear what may have prompted such a directive especially in the wake of the Super Eagles uninspiring performances in the on-going AFCON qualifying series. What is clear however is that this directive will certainly pave the way for a disharmonious relationship between employee and his supposed employers.

Despite major tactical ineptitude unbecoming of a national team handler, Coach Keshi was also veryegocentric. It is unthinkable what will become of his ego now that the President is behind his reappointment. I am in no doubt that his relationship with the NFF will be anything but cordial. And if like they say, “when two elephants fight, the ground suffers,” the Super Eagles it is, who will pay dearly for the impending power tussle.

We all appreciate Coach Keshi for winning the 2013 AFCON, but are we going to dwell on one success story forever to the detriment of future glory? It is pertinent to remind the powers that be (or whoever is behind this decision, that we won the AFCON (two months short of) TWO YEARS AGO! Quite a lot has happened since then, most notably, the deteriorating performances of the team due almost entirely to Keshi’s conceit.

Going by this, can we sincerely say that Coach Keshi’s reinstatement is the best path to tread at this point? Is this not simply tantamount to allowing past glory (of two years ago) to debilitate the chances for future glory?

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